How Does Tradies Tax Work
Tradies Tax Step 1

Once you’ve signed up, Tradies Tax will mail the start up pack to you! The pack contains 36 envelopes; 12 of them green, 12 orange, and 12 yellow. You will be using one of each colour every month, so now it’s up to you to store them safely in a spot that’s easy to find at the end of each month.
Tradies Tax Step 2

Now that you’ve got the envelopes the real fun begins. At the end of every month it’s time to sort through the pile of paper sitting on the desk. It gets easier. Put all of your invoices into the green envelope, and all of your receipts into the orange one. Don’t forget to write the month in the space provided on the front.
Tradies Tax Step 3

This step is the winner. All we do here is take your full green envelope, and your full orange envelope, and then we put them both into the bigger yellow envelope. No need to address the envelope to Tradies Tax, that’s been done for you.
Tradies Tax Step 4

Once the yellow envelope is sealed and ready to go it’s time to find a Post Office or a mailbox and send it away. Always better to be safe than sorry and put your return address on the envelope just in case the mailman gets lost. Then off it goes to Tradies Tax for them to take care of the rest.
Tradies Tax Step 5

Within two weeks of your trip to the mailbox Tradies Tax will have worked hard to create a detailed report that they will email to you. The report clearly outlines all of your expenses and income. Including your profit/loss, and any tax or superannuation that you need to pay, without the hassle of doing it yourself.
Tradies Tax Step 6

If for any reason Tradies Tax finds a problem you’ll receive a phone call, and we’ll all do our best to fix the issue.
Tradies Tax Step 7

Now that you’ve run through it once, just complete the steps at the end of every month, and Tradies Tax will have eliminated your need for a bookkeeper or accountant.

As part of the Tradies Tax service and value, all Bas statements, returns and annual accounts are prepared for you automatically.

Find out how much the Tradies Tax service will cost your business here.